80% discount available

Welcome to management! This course is especially targeted at people just getting started with management, or who have some experience but want a strong foundation to build upon.

Most management training isn't specifically focused on engineering managers. This course is focused on what you need to know as you get started with engineering management.

  1. Patterns to get started: how to do 1-1s, setting up your support network, lightweight project management, getting the most of management handoffs, getting out of your old responsibilities. What your meetings should look like, how to set up demos and retrospectives.
  2. Common questions and pitfalls: The dangers of the "protect your team" approach to management. How to make changes and reduce resistance to those changes. The challenge of feeling like you're accomplishing anything because you don't get the same signals you do as an individual contributor. Coding while managing.
  3. Beyond the basics. Maintaining a problem backlog, working with stakeholders and cross-functional counterparts. Hiring, information flow, and running great meetings. And dealing with your calendar!

This course is work in progress, so you can get it at a discount if you're willing to share feedback with me. Use this link for an 80% discount!

You can also expense this as a professional development expense at many companies!